The “WEDUCATION” Workshop 2019.

I am extremely passionate about both my photography and my creativity,  I like nothing more than to add a “WOW” factor to every wedding day by incorporating a little bit of magic with light, glass and hopefully a pinch of imagination, to ensure the bride and groom have not only a beautiful set of images but also at least one very special “signature” image to remember for ever.

I have won many National and international awards from The BIPP ( British Institute of Professional Photographers ), WPS ( wedding photography Select) as well a much coveted  Fearless Award. I have been asked many times to host a workshops and share a little of the techniques I use to achieve my style of imagery, on that note.. I am extremely excited to offer a series of photographic workshops, ( Dates and exact location to be announced).

The Workshop is designed to show you exactly what you need to know to add that something dramatic to your wedding photography, giving your photographs and your clients an extra something, in ANY environment in Any weather using the surroundings and making the most of what you have around you. we will cover everything you need to know to create images like the ones you see below.

We will discuss and use various lighting effects  utilising video, Speed lights and of course available light to create stunning imagery and add a little magic by way of sparklers and a little smoke and mirrors ( Literally). This is not an ordinary workshop where we try to squeeze everything into one day..  we won’t be discussing Photoshop tricks or business or what you should charge, what we will do is concentrate on making stunning images in ordinary locations and showing you how to do it and afterwards we can kick back in a pub and talk about life the universe and everything..

Location and timings are bring discussed but I will be doing both summer and winter Workshops.. Signup below for news on the dates and locations and I’ll keep you updated, I’d love to see you there

Please  let me know your interest below, I’ll be in touch shortly to let you know a few dates, cant wait to share a few of my creative secrets with you..

Leave your details here, I’ll let you know just as soon we’re ready to go!

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