Wedding photographer Brinkburn Priory Northumberland

Tipi’s, Twinkly lights and cosy fires were the perfect setting for this wonderful winter wedding at Brinkburn Priory Northumberland with Mel & Dk.
Bridal preparations took place in the stables whilst Dk was on hand all morning helping with preparations, ensuring every element of the day would run smoothly before he headed over to the priory cottages to get dressed himself.  Mel & Dk chose to have a blessing with close family and friends in the stunning white room, and this was to be the first time Dk would get to see his bride.  His face said it all as he peeped around the door to see Mel dressed in an incredible Pronovias wedding dress in white with a subtle hint of blush pink to compliment her details on the day.  Once the blessing was done we had a little chance for a couple of family photographs before Mel donned her wellies to head over to the Manor House for the wedding ceremony.  This brought lots of emotion as Melanie struggled to hold back the tears, as did many of the guests too as the pair exchanged vows.

After friends & family gathered to shower the couple with confetti the whole party sauntered over to the very inviting tipi, complete with an indoor fire and lots of twinkly lights creating a lovely warm and cosy atmosphere on a crisp winter night.  During the speeches Mel and her dad shared some tender moments, stopping for a hug which was a lovely moment to capture.  It was also evident during Dk’s speech how very in love this couple are, with an emotional deliverance from him.

As the evening drew to a close the newly weds took to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife and were soon joined by their guests to end the celebrations dancing the night away!

It was a perfect day for the perfect couple,

Mel & DK…Best wishes to you both for the future and thankyou for letting me be part of your day!

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Flowers by:  Flower Design

Photography by:  David West Photography

Second Shooter: Gavin Forster Photography

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