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Wedding photographer Alnwick Treehouse Northumberland A damp, drizzly wet day in August didnt stop this fab couple Anna & David having a fantastic wedding day.   When I first met them Anna explained the big day would be non conventional and boy was she right! She made a fantastic job of personalising the day with home made Marvel Comic accessories(much to Davids delight!)  ….. including table settings, guest board etc and even her shoes and bag instead of a bouquet… another non-traditional touch. Gone from the day was the groom awaiting his bride at the alter, instead David awaited Anna’s arrival at the steps of their vintage bus ‘Rosie’ and he was delighted  when he saw Anna for the first time, after which they both travelled along with their guests to Alnwick Treehouse in Northumberland. After the ceremony the couple and there guests enjoyed some jamming on Guitar Hero in the warmth of the cosy wooden interior of the treehouse, along with a fun photo booth. The weather didnt stop them both enjoying the day and taking part in some wedding portraiture, infact the rain brought along some lovely shots of just the two of them. Here is a small selection of some of the key moments in the day….hope you enjoy them. Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1497claire & david extras for fb_1477Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1478Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1479Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1480Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1481Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1482Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1483Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1484Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1485Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1486Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1487Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1488Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1489Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1490Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1491Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1492Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1493Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1494Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1495Anna & David wedding blogstomp_1496 HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Anna & David….Best Wishes to you both for the future!