Beth & Andrew Black tie wedding at Ellingham hall

A woman is looking at herself in a mirror.

Beth and Andrew’s day was filled with stylish details, heartfelt laughter, and a celebration that felt genuinely theirs. From capturing their first look to the last dance, I aimed to encapsulate not just the event, but the joy, the stylish atmosphere, and the personality of their celebration. And let’s not forget about the venue—Ellingham Hall provided a stunning backdrop, enhancing each photo with its character and beauty

Luisa & Criss’s winter wedding at ellingham hall

A man and woman at their wedding, captured by a Northumberland wedding photographer.

Nestled in the enchanting Northumberland countryside, Ellingham Hall was the picturesque setting for Luisa and Chris’s winter nuptuals. This historic venue, chosen for its classic beauty and idyllic location, provided a perfect backdrop for their elegant black-tie event.