Durham wedding photographer – Lorraine & John

Durham wedding photographer Lorraine & Johns story began some 4 years ago.  They met via some mutal friends and soon enough John had planned the big proposal whilst in the romantic destination New York! After much planning the big day arrived and Lorraine was thrilled to receive a dozen red roses from her husband to […]

Middleton Hall Wedding Photography – Katie & Paul

Middleton Hall Wedding Photography It took childhood sweethearts Katie & Paul a long time to get to this day…13 years to be exact!!  So you can imagine the excitement and emotions surrounding the day. Bridal preparations began at Middleton Hall while the groom and his party stayed at the nearby boathouse followed by the wedding […]

Marquee wedding photography Scottish borders – Gillian & James

Marquee wedding photography Scottish borders A two hour drive north took me to the very picturesque town of Yetholm Kirk, situated on the borders on a very blurry line that seperates Scotland from England.  I have to admit I associate the borders with rain and expected lots of it.  How wrong could I be…the day […]