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Pre wedding engagement photography in Paris.

Wow… where do I begin?

So this epic little adventure all began when an email arrived from Cyprus based Wedding photographers, Nick and Aimie who asked me to photograph their engagement shoot in Paris…to say I was delighted was an understatement!

After speaking online, we agreed to meet in central Paris, France and this was to be our very first face to face meeting. It was immediately apparent to me as to why they are wedding photographers, their infectious, fun personalities shone through as we chatted, and I can honestly say I felt like I knew them forever!

I had a good idea of the locations I wanted to photograph, but with Aimie’s love for skulls, the obvious starting point was the infamous Catacombs, a network of tunnels under the capital where the ancient people of Paris’s remains were moved to. The queue was a mile long and admission took around an hour and a half, but this was a great time to get to know each other a little more. Once inside, it was difficult to work between the guards and the tourists but we managed to grab a few shots…bucket list one – checked!

Something, which I learned very quickly, was that everything in Paris is huge and the distances between the landmarks are much larger than they had appeared on Google maps. However, we knew the places we wanted to visit, and thankfully Frances public transport is far better than ours in the UK! We spent the day hopping between The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower and the fabulous Passerelle des Arts over the river Seine, stopping for photographs at each location…just a few of the so many fabulous places we could has visited.

This was my first visit to the French capital, and despite the hustle and bustle you would expect from the City of Love, Paris really was everything and more I expected it to be. The beautiful buildings, bridges and architecture really captured my heart, along with the sheer volume of couples holding hands, kissing and proposals on display. I literally could have spent days both spending time with and photographing Nick and Aimie, but unfortunately we only had one…However in that short space of time, I honestly feel I have made friends for life!

I love what I do and feel so very blessed when I am asked to be a couples wedding photographer, especially in Europe. I cannot wait for 2018 when I’ll meet up with them both again, this time the destination being the beautiful island of Cyprus in Greece, where I get to wear the badge of a Mediterranean wedding photographer for the day, week or month if Aimee has her way 😉

Please get in touch to book your couple shoot, I travel to most European destinations and beyond, contact me for a quote.

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Sadly, it was only a week after our return we learned of the shootings in Paris which happened in and around locations we visited.  This was a huge shock and my heart goes out to all the people of France.



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