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Wedding Photographer Haiku Mill

Wedding Photographer Haiku Mill

Hi If you’re reading this it’s likely that you are looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding day in Haiku Mill (great location by the way ).. needless to say  I’m so glad you dropped by ,  if you have the time why not stay and take a look around at some of my work, you can visit my portfolio HERE, or even see some real weddings HERE I’m pretty confident  you can find many reasons to choose us to photograph your wedding day in Haiku Mill.

Why choose me for you photography?

My name is  David,  I am an award winning destination wedding photographer who loves the fun, atmosphere and the all round celebration of weddings, I offer a unique contemporary style photographing a wedding, I often appeal to the non-traditionalist, stylish yet contemporary couple. Based in the North East ,England, I capture weddings all across the UK, and around Europe and the globe. 

I’m incredibly passionate about my work , I find inspiration in all places and love to use any available light to by advantage and use additional light for the more creative image. I have had the pleasure of photographing in Haiku Mill on a few occasions, the people of Haiku Mill lends itself to classic wedding photography.

I take pleasure in playing an integral role in two people taking their vows together but I’m a firm believer in the fact that a wedding is so much more than exchanging words and work to capture every emotion felt and each special moment, translating the true joy of the day through stylish imagery.

 Where ever you are in the world, I’d love to be part of it.. I Can’t wait to hear from you.

David -x-


A little about wedding photography at the Haiku Mill

The Haʻikū Sugar Mill was a processing factory for sugarcane from 1861 to 1879 on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

The northeastern coast of Maui has a small village named Haʻi kū which literally means “sharp break” in the Hawaiian language.

The Haiku Sugar Company was chartered on November 20, 1858 by the Kingdom of Hawaii. It was one of the first ten companies to go into the sugar business in the Hawaiian Islands. The investors, the Castle & Cooke partnership, contracted with Isaac Adams of Boston and D. M. Weston for a milling machine and boiling house with total cost of US$12,000. The first crop was processed in December 1861. In 1871 Samuel T. Alexander became manager of the mill. He formed Alexander & Baldwin with his partner Henry Perrine Baldwin, and organized an irrigation system from 1876 to 1878 that allowed more steady crops to be grown in more leeward areas of the island. As a result, Haiku Mill was abandoned in 1879.

In 1881 Kahului railroad allowed cane to be carried to larger mills near the town of Kahului. In 1905 the Haiku plantation merged with another to become Maui Agricultural Company, and later became the Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company division of Alexander & Baldwin with one remaining mill at Puʻunene. The Haʻikū area later became a pineapple plantation. The former cannery at 810 Haiku Road is now a shopping center called the Haiku Marketplace.

Only the walls of the mill were left standing when it was added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 6, 1986 as site 86000189. It is state historic site 50-046-1622.

The mill is located at 250 Haiku Road, 20°55′32″N 156°19′44″W / 20.92556°N 156.32889°W / 20.92556; -156.32889 (Haiku Sugar Mill).


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