Wedding photography at Capheaton Hall Northumberland

Helen and Anthonys fun filled wedding day was a delight to capture some Wedding photography at Capheaton Hall Northumberland.  Family and friends arrived at Jesmond United Reformed Church to share their special day, with some lovely moments as Anthony reunited with his Cambridge university pals.  After the wedding ceremony they chose Capheaton Hall, an exclusive wedding venue which I would describe as a hidden gem amongst the rural backdrop of beautiful parkland and landscaped gardens with plenty of wonderful photographic opportunities.

The wedding had so many personal touches, most importantly Helens wonderful wedding dress which was made by her mum, as well as the bridesmaids dresses too!  And the talent didn’t stop there, Anthonys mum also made the extremely impressive four tier wedding cake…obviously two very talented families there!!   The couple didn’t stop smiling all day, both an absolute delight to photograph to capture some natural shots throughout…  Here’s a selection of some of my favourites from the day!!

Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2962Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2963Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2964Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2965Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2966Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2967Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2968Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2969Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2970Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2971Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2972Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2973Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2974Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2975Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2976Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2977Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2978Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2979Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2980Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2981Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2982Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2983Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2984Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2985Wedding photography at Capheaton Hall NorthumberlandCapheaton Hall Wedding photography_2987Wedding photography at Capheaton Hall NorthumberlandCapheaton Hall Wedding photography_2989Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2990Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2991Wedding photography at Capheaton Hall NorthumberlandCapheaton Hall Wedding photography_2993Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2994Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2995Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2996Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2997Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_2998Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3000Wedding photography at Capheaton Hall NorthumberlandCapheaton Hall Wedding photography_2999Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3002Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3003Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3004Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3005Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3006Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3007Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3008Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3009Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3010Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3011Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3012Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3013Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3014Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3015Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3016Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3017Wedding photography at Capheaton Hall NorthumberlandCapheaton Hall Wedding photography_3019Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3021Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3022Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3023Wedding photography at Capheaton Hall NorthumberlandCapheaton Hall Wedding photography_3026Capheaton Hall Wedding photography_3027

If you’re planning your wedding for 2017/18 please get in touch as soon as possible as dates go quickly…I’d love to hear from you!

To see a short film of my 2015 roundup please visit :

Wedding Venue:  Capheaton Hall

 Wedding Dress by:  Anne McClure

Flowers by: Flowers Unlimited

Cake by: Lindsey Crutchett

Music:  The Shandooners & Rhemayo Brooks DJ